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It can happen so quickly…when peeling fruit, doing crafts, or performing small household chores: you hurt your finger. But there’s no need to worry – because now there’s quick help.

Whether for cuts, abrasions, and blisters or pressure and friction points: the solution is the BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape – a flexible, cohesive bandage with excellent tear resistance.

The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape is a firm support bandage that does not slip or impede blood circulation. The self-adhesive BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape is easy to apply – even in the most difficult areas. And all without sticking to your skin or hair.

PLaster bandages

The BUDDYCARE®MED plaster bandages are special
flexible and comfortable to wear.

In addition, they are too
perfect for supporting joints.

BUDDYCARE®MED are self-adhesive plaster bandages
particularly easy to use and these can be a perfect fit
be torn off by hand.

BUDDYCARE®MED plaster bandages
offer a secure hold on the skin without too much

The BUDDYCARE®MED plaster bandages are elastic
and provide joint protection and support, at the same time
they are latex-free and particularly skin-friendly.
They can be removed painlessly from the skin, without
To leave glue residue.


The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape can be readily torn off by hand. If necessary, a wound dressing is applied to the injury and wrapped with the finger bandage. No sticking to the skin and no painful pulling when changing the bandage.

The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape adheres to itself. This makes it perfect for use in the home and kitchen as well as for holiday, leisure, and sports activities – and an ideal addition to your medicine cabinet.

Variant 1:

Wrap a layer of finger tape over your fingertip. Wrap 4–5 times across from the joint to the fingertip. Tear finger tape and press loose end firmly on itself.

Variant 2:

Form a cushion by double laying the finger tape, fix it in the appropriate place, and wrap it 4–5 times. Tear off finger tape and press loose end firmly onto itself.

Latex - FREE

According to the health department, about 15–20% of the population suffer from a latex allergy. The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape is completely free of latex and rubber adhesives and therefore the first choice for latex allergy sufferers. The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape also meets the hygiene standards of the HACCP certification.

Flexible protection

The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape is used not only in sports, medicine, and first aid* but also in craft businesses and cosmetic studios as well as in gastronomy and industrial applications. It protects against irritants, oils, moisture, dirt, and heat. The BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape gives you unlimited and safe protection in your free time and at work.


plaster bandage was designed for versatile

The BUDDYCARE®MED self-adhesive plaster bandage was designed for versatile
usable applications and offers the following advantages:
● Finger, hand and foot protection – extra wide.
● For bruises, compressions, strains etc.
● Elastic (maximum freedom of movement) and self-adhesive.
● Suitable for latex allergy sufferers.
● Breathable.
● Splash and waterproof.

Other possible uses:

● Highly elastic, self-adhesive plaster bandage / fixation bandage.
● Protection against rubbing marks on the skin.
● To protect wound dressings and compresses.
● For wound dressings in conical or very flexible areas (joints).
● Also serves as a slip brake for compression bandages.
● For fixing or fastening.
● Can also be used for animals or as an animal plaster


clean and dry injured areas. Cover the wound with a dressing before applying the BUDDYCARE®MED latex-free finger tape.

Careful: do not place the finger tape too so firmly that it restricts blood circulation. If a numb or tingling sensation occurs, remove the finger tape and apply again less tightly.





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